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What are BodySongs ™ ?

BodySongs ™ is an innovative music based programme, using guided interaction and patterns of touch. The interaction as well as the predictable touch patterns are shaped and directed by the music provided on a CD recording. The programme is taught in workshop settings.

BodySongs ™ ’ three elements:

  • 1:1 guided interaction, which is practised during training

  • predictable patterns of safe, positive touch and compression, which are taught during training

  • harmonious music, consisting of 8 separate, recorded songs for specific indications (see below: when to use it ?)

Who can benefit?

Those who:

  • would like to interact more positively and effectively, particularly with peers

  • would like to improve their verbal and non verbal communication skills

  • would like to be more calm during times of change

  • struggle to feel that they belong or are accepted

  • live with feelings of anxiety

  • have experienced trauma

When to use it?

  • Throughout the day to settle, focus and motivate, ready to learn or work

  • Prior to a task which requires alertness

  • At the end of the day to calm and relax

  • To help improve communication and empathy

  • To soothe and support after traumatic events

  • To help develop enjoyment in community

What do I learn during BodySongs ™ training?

Each aspect of the programme will be demonstrated and practised. Training includes:

  • The relevance of this programme including background, theory and scientific research

  • Hands on small group tuition to enable you to learn the practical application for your situation

  • Correct application of specific techniques for each song

  • When to use each part of the programme

  • How to improve communication skills including open and honest feedback

  • How to adapt the programme for each specific situation

What Courses are available?

  • Calming and Relaxing

    A course for parents, care givers and providers to help children and adults become calm and/or attentive to the task at hand, equally effective at the end of the day to help calm and relax. It promotes respectful interaction and communication.

  • Focus and Enjoyment

    A course for educators and caregivers catering for those who have difficulty becoming engaged and motivated. A programme promoting enjoyment in positive, effective communication and interaction.

  • Providing for Young Minds

    specifically for those working with groups of children,( pre school and early primary age).Providers will learn techniques to support focus and a calm state of mind. The programme fosters respectful and effective peer interaction.

    The course provides clear instructions, including safe touch and professional care considerations and advice on how to use the programme in your environment, adjusting to individual needs. BodySongs ™ training focusses on effective integration of students with special needs in particular those on the autism spectrum

  • Communicating Beyond the Barriers

    A course for care givers and providers, it delivers a range of verbal, non verbal, signed and safe contact music based interaction focusing on those affected by trauma and/or attachment disorders.

  • Education Additions

    A course for education providers, specifically with the NZ curriculum and key competencies in mind. Making connections between experiencing and understanding the importance of community focused values through respectful positive and effectively communication and interaction with adults and peers.

  • Elder Care

    A course for providers and care givers of elderly citizens and those living with dementia. Connecting in dignified meaningful ways through music based safe contact. Calming and engaging guided interaction, promoting a sense of belonging and enjoyment.

  • Customised Training Packages

    Please talk to us about your specific needs. Our programmes are responsive to cultural, medical and physical care and safety considerations.

How to book a course

Contact us with your preferred course and number of participants and we will provide you with a training package including cost for your consideration.


I have learned an invaluable technique, which I can practice with the children at the Early Childhood Centre that I teach at. I have noticed how useful the songs and techniques of touch have been with individual children, ie particular songs, actions and touch can energise, comfort and calm. I feel privileged to have been involved in this course as the philosophy and practice is the same as the Early Childhood Centre that I teach at. We use the RIE philosophy, which is based on respect and trust. These two dispositions are also key with BodySongs. Ana, Little Footsteps Early Childhood Centre, Blenheim

Maria has taught our staff the use of Bodysongs ™ techniques and these have become an integral part of our students’ school life. The use of BodySongs is helping our students to remain or become calm and relaxed, and thereby more attentive to learning. The benefits of this programme for the students at Maitai School are immense and I wholeheartedly endorse the introduction and ongoing practise of BodySongs to any institution working in the disability sector. Diane Whyte, Principal, Maitai School, Nelson 2011

The BodySongs ™ programme provides opportunity for the students to have their sensory requirements catered to in a relaxed and safe environment. This programme is extremely beneficial, and staff are able to identify positive changes and reactions from the students, which in turn promotes positive learning experiences for all students. Teri P, Teacher, Maitai School, Nelson

So appreciative of this course being available. I found the instructions clear, concise and positive. The instructors were generous with their feedback, time and explanation of what was required for each song. I look forward to a calming course becoming available…. Thank you for a very non threatening course. Bev, Foster Mum

I would like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU for a wonderfully inspiring seminar, I found the session to be very informative and feel it will be of great use for me with my own son who has various issues, as well as with my work, where I deal with clients who have various disabilities. Megan, Service Coordinator, Health Care Service, Blenheim

Very enjoyable and informative, gave me lots of inspiration. I can see this will be really helpful’
‘Great to gain skills again about musical therapy, to help people relax and feel the contact from another through really valuable touch. What a great session’
‘It was an eye opener for me as to how appropriate touch can be; so soothing and comforting. I am sure I will be able to apply BodySongs ™ a lot in our job’
‘Really good explanation from Maria about the uses of the songs/movements and all questions answered shows Maria’s wide experience and knowledge. The DVD showed visually the movements really well, great workshop – now need to practice! Staff and Community Service Manager IDEA Services, Nelson

I found this workshop great and it has been a big help when using BodySongs ™ . I thought the reasons and methods for the sensory touch were well explained’
‘Excellent presentation, we are using the BodySongs ™ in three programmes”
‘Had a wonderful afternoon,…… The clients love it when I do it (BodySongs ™ ) as taught by you, it really does relax them and they smile and laugh with anticipation re their favourites’
‘… I have had the opportunity to practice the songs with some consumers and found it to be very beneficial. Staff at D.S.S. Day Services, Nelson, Nelson Marlborough District Healthboard