Azerbaijan - Volunteering

Together with the International Womens Club, we were able to bring BodySongs to Azerbaijan.We were honored to have worked with such motivated and caring people.

In 2011 Latasha and I were invited to take the BodySongs programme to Azerbaijan. The IWC (International Womens Club) in that country sponsored the flights and stay in the capital Baku, and in April 2011 we spent a week in Azerbaijan, training 40 people in the BodySongs programme.

Course participants came from various backgrounds and professions, from care worker to paediatrician, refugee worker to teacher.

The programme was very well received and has since become an integral part of therapeutic and educational programmes in orphanages, refugee and family centres and residential facilities for children with disabilities across the country.

Eight of the initial 40 participants received additional tuition as trainers and are able to respond to the demand for effective, therapeutic programming and intervention by providing ongoing training in the BodySongs programme.

Latasha and I feel privileged to have donated our time and resources to such a worthy cause and are delighted with the success of BodySongs in a country dealing with many diverse and complex needs.