Our CDs offer calming, soothing music as well as educational songs with specific learning objectives. There is the option of enrolling in a workshop with all our CDs, enhancing their educational effectiveness in social learning and positive effective communication skills.

Working with Sounds is a core daily programme within our classes and a highlight in the school day. E. Salcin-Watts, Assistant Principal

The hey ho song (Useful little songs CD) has been really useful to transition students back to class after morning tea and lunch…. S. Hervel, Teacher


Going to a birthday party
A5 $10 NZD
A4 $20 NZD
Making Friends
A5 $15 NZD
A4 $10 NZD
Playtime at school
A5 $10 NZD
A4 $20 NZD
When I get angry
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A4 $20 NZD
My own story A series of interactive little story books, encouraging new and effective ways in which to deal with social situations such as friendship, anger, and playground stress. The reader is invited to contribute their own thoughts and experiences on especially marked laminated pages, and is encouraged to look at new options to meet their challenges. ‘My own story’ books are intended as guided workbooks at school or home, an effective contribution to reflection, discussion and change. Workshops help you get the most out of these resources by covering effective ways of using these books in groups and one to one.Contact us for details.

What teachers say:

All three of these books have been extremely useful to help primary school students who are on the autism spectrum to understand what is expected of them. They have also helped me with my work with children who have had an anger problem to show other ways of dealing with the issue. For one girl it made her realise her anger was an emotion that other children had to deal with, not just her. She took the book home and showed her mother and it defused the situation between the two of them.

These books are a very useful resource to help students with everyday issues of getting along with others and I thoroughly recommend them. Barbara L. RTLB, Stoke/Tahuna, Nelson

Creates an opportunity for good individual discussion with a student” “ really fresh and direct” “great also in a school setting. RTLB Nelson cluster member