Useful little songs

Useful little songs are a collection of songs with a purpose, delivering important messages in encouraging ways, giving support and direction to develop life skills while engaging children in musical activity.

Customised workshops

A workshop for teachers and pre school teachers.
Additional support and focus on your specific situation, covering strategies and practical examples to help develop social skills in your classroom. Contact us with your enquiry

The following are some of the subjects which a workshop can address:

• Transitioning from playground back to class
• Responding appropriately to requests from teachers
• Learning to wait
• Awareness of feet and confidence in walking
• Learning to keep hands to oneself
• Sequencing tasks to gain greater independence
• Learning about concepts (over, under, right, left), including safety in traffic
• Developing empathy

What teachers say about Useful little songs:

In the short time we had this CD in our classroom children showed a real enjoyment of your music. The children would ask throughout the day to play the CD. The most favourite was the song ‘pass it on. Jane W. teacher, Enner Glynn Primary School, Nelson

The hey ho song has been really useful to transition students back to class after morning tea and lunch break. One student used to be so reluctant, it took 10- 15 minutes to coax him back to class each time. Since we have used the song he has been going back as soon as the music starts and is in a positive mood walking back into the classroom. Stefan H. teacher, Maitai School, Nelson

What students say about Useful little songs:

With the ‘pass it on’ song we were learning to move fast, pass things on carefully, not throw things because you could hit someone on the head, to fill in the gaps so you can pass it on quickly’
The song is “fun, exciting, happy different, fast! Pupils of Enner Glynn Primary School, Nelson

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